„Shoreline spotting“ für www.coastwards.org – Ein Forschungsprojekt zum Mitmachen.

Das Off-Topic in einem neuen Blog, wie versprochen mit Text.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ich mach mal Werbung. Foto von mir, darf aber gerne weiterverbreitet werden.

Now when I was a little chap I had a passion for maps. I would look for hours atSouth America, or Africa, or Australia, and lose myself in all the glories of exploration. At that time there were many blank spaces on the earth, and when I saw one that looked particularly inviting on a map (but they all look that) I would put my finger on it and say, ‚When I grow up I will go there.‘ The North Pole was one of these places, I remember. Well, I haven’t been there yet, and shall not try now. The glamour’s off. […]

„True, by this time it was not a blank space any more. It had got filled since my boyhood with rivers and lakes and names. It had ceased to be a blank space of…

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