Shoreline spotting: How your photo helps scientists.

Once again. Pant English version.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Feel free to share.  (Driftline Papers CC BY-SA 3.0)

Hello Coastsiders, Beachwalkers, Fishermen, Environmentalists and Holydaymakers all over the world! 🙂

Do you like to take part in a worldwide scientific survey on coastlines? The aim is to get images from coasts all over the globe. From als many sites as possible. Geographers from the Coastal Risks and Sea-Level Rise (CRSLR) research group at Kiel University (Germany) need them to estimate the impact of sea level rise on the shoreline. Impossible without the help of wayfarers and locals out there on the banks.

Blick von oben Flooded beach: the surf takes it’s prey. View down from the top of the cliff.

So please join the project. The only thing to do is to upload your own image of the coast you are, to place it on the right site on the map (if your smartphone doesn’t transfer the position automaticly) and chose…

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