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West Coast/Irish Sea Dispatches Part 2 – Liverpool (reblogged)

Many thanks for this impressions of the Liverpool waterside and for throwing away 😉 our works so professionally, also for your invitation to me to say something about the “Wachsecke”. Perhaps I can do it some time, at the latest when it shows up at Sotheby’s.

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Mersey ferry Mersey Ferry in Liverpool

I mentioned in my previous blogpost that we stopped in Chester on our way to the west coast of Great Britain. We stayed in Ellesmere Port in a Hotel that I can whole-heartedly recommend for their service with children and in terms of accessibility. (I don’t want to turn this into an advertsisement, but if you are interested in travelling into the same direction, I am more than happy to answer a message privately).

The hotel was located directly in between different parts of the canal port, in the more romantic part where narrow boats were mooring. But right behind the house was the entry to these basins, and the rather big canal that is built here right beside the river Mersey  can be seen, and a container port was in range of view. All in all there was a lot of water all around us…

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