Three Ladies and five Messages in Bottles at the River Trent (reblogged)

What a wonderful setting for dispatching messages in bottles: the Wilford Suspension Footbridge with its triumphal arch style pylons, a river flowing solemnly, the quaint Victorian Trent Bridge in sight downstream…

Thank you very much indeed, dear Hilke, for launching my bottle No 103 just there in company with yours and your friend’s!

My bottle looks old fashioned but it’s fresh from the store. But the paper I wrote on is really old, from the early thirties I presume. Well, perhaps the river adds some algae for a stylish make up. 😉

I hope you ladies had a nice time!

Here is Hilke’s report:

Das Flaschenpost Projekt

Looking downstream onto the Trent Bridge from the footbridge that we used to drop our bottles into the river Trent

Jet Propelled, a friend and fellow artist from Beeston, near Nottingham recently brought me into (online) contact with another woman, a German who lives in West Bridgeford and misses the German language. We ended up discussing about meeting up, and she invited me and Jet for cake and tea. Since it turned out she lives in walking distance to the Trent a plan to dispatch some bottles formed…

We were lucky with the weather: After days of snowy April weather, the skies were clear on Friday 5th here in Nottingham. The wind blew in breezy bursts and made it feel rather chilly, but the sun came out and played beautifully with the gentle waves, turning the river into a street of silver and gold. At least from where we…

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